Villa Vittoria
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The ideal place to celebrate any event requiring an elegant and refined atmosphere

The estate known as "Villa di Cambiano" is an asset of historical and cultural value, and its history goes hand in hand with that of the Municipality of Castelfiorentino. The first mention of "Villa di Cambiano" to our knowledge was made when the Municipality of Castelfiorentino came under the control of the Florentine Republic.

Subsequently, with the advent of the Medici, Cosimo himself, who visited Castelfiorentino several times, wanted the postal station there from 1540. The post, as can be seen in the "Dizionario Fisico Geografico-Storico della Toscana" ("Tuscany Geographical-Historical Physical Dictionary") by F. Repetti, was established in the elegant villa of Cambiano. Repetti describes the villa: "An elegant villa with the S. Prospero parish church dating back to 1300. It was a postal station on the via Francesca road which runs alongside the right bank of the Elsa where the postal road was marked.

The villa was owned by the Cambi family of Florence for many centuries, before they sold it towards the end of the 18th century, with its annexed land, to the Marquis Roberto Pucci, who joined it with the nearby estate of Granaiolo".

Villa di Cambiano

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