Villa Vittoria
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The Cambi family settled in Cambiano at the beginning of the 1500’s as is witnessed by the 1526 decimario (tax register) of the church of San Prospero in Cambiano. The presence of the Cambi family in the area qualified the villa as an important and also architecturally representative organism, at the head of a vast estate. The family’s coat of arms is positioned on the main fa├žade of the villa, between the second and third storey above ground.

The significance of the property can also be seen from the visits of important people, like for instance in 1612 when Cosimo II stopped at Cambiano to hunt, returning in 1618; on April 7, 1754 Bishop Incontri of Florence stayed in the villa with the canons Antinori and Guerini; on December 9, 1754 the Genoese cardinal Giorgio Doria was a guest in "Villa di Cambiano".

After the sale of the villa to the Marquis Roberto Pucci, the Cambi family’s patronage over the church of San Prospero in Cambiano ended. During the 19th century, the villa itself operated as a farm, held in very high esteem along with that of Granaiolo. Around the villa several craft activities flourished, along with the agricultural activity, leading to the establishment of a Rural and Craft Savings Bank, one of the oldest in Italy, founded in 1884 as a "credit cooperative".
The Pucci family owned "Villa di Cambiano" until the 1920’s, after which it was sold to the Martelli family of Florence.

Villa di Cambiano
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